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How to assemble a Kulik System chair

  1. Unbox and Verify Parts: Check for the back, headrest, wheels, gas lift, seat, and base.
  2. Assemble Seat Structure: Connect the backrest and headrest to the seat.
  3. Base Preparation: Fix wheels to the base and insert the gas lift.
  4. Final Assembly: Mount the seat onto the base.

Make sure all components are firmly attached before using the chair.

Correct adjustment of the Kulik System chair

  1. Armrest and Backrest Adjustment: Set armrests to one of 5 heights and backrest to one of 12 heights for personalized spinal support.
  2. Seat Customization: Adjust seat depth among 5 settings and chair height for proper leg positioning and comfort.
  3. Recline Features: Modify backrest angle for optimal recline and choose between 2 tilt inclinations for dynamic or stationary seating.
  4. Headrest Comfort: Alter headrest height, angle, and position for comprehensive neck and head support.

How to assemble a Kulik System chair SPACE

  1. Component Inventory: Verify all parts are included: headrest, backrest, base (cross), seat, mechanism, gaslift, wheels, and screws.
  2. Mechanism and Backrest Setup: Attach the mechanism to the seat and loosely affix the backrest with screws.
  3. Screw Tightening: Once aligned, tighten all screws on the mechanism and backrest securely.
  4. Base Assembly: Insert wheels into the base and place the gaslift after removing its plug.
  5. Chair and Base Union: Lower the seat onto the gaslift and base.
  6. Headrest Installation: Replace the placeholder screws with the headrest and tighten to finalize the assembly.

Correct adjustment of the Kulik System SPACE

  1. Seat and Backrest Adjustment: Match seat depth for leg comfort and set the backrest height in one of 7 positions for lumbar support.
  2. Headrest and Armrest Alignment: Position the headrest among 7 levels and adjust armrests for neck and elbow relief.
  3. Support and Recline Customization: Choose from 16 back support angles and adjust recline tension for personalized comfort.
  4. Backrest Fixation: Recline and then lock the backrest at your preferred angle for stable support.

How to assemble an E-Table Universal

Component Inventory: Verify all parts are included: Controller, cable clips, manual, hex keys (M4, M5), screws (M830, M612, ST4.0*16), power supply, AC cable.


  1. Assemble legs to frame with M6*12 screws; tighten with M4 hex key.
  2. Attach feet with M8*30 screws; secure with M5 hex key.
  3. Install controller with ST4.0*16 screws; tighten with M4 hex key.
  4. Mount power supply with ST4.0*16 screws; fasten with M4 hex key.

Check all connections before use.

Correct adjustment of the E-Table Universal

Smart tables, are gaining popularity in today's workplace and homes for several compelling reasons:

  1. Health and Ergonomics: They encourage alternating between sitting and standing, reducing the risk of back pain and other posture-related issues.
  2. Productivity Enhancement: With adjustable height features, they cater to the comfort of the user, which can lead to increased productivity.
  3. Convenience and Technology Integration: Built-in connectors for power, data, and USB streamline the work area and reduce clutter.
  4. Modern Design: An aesthetically pleasing design complements the modern workspace, appealing to employees, freelancers, and gamers alike.

How to assemble an E-Table One

Component Inventory: Verify all parts are included: Hex key, screws, wire clamps, tabletop, support, controller, power supply, AC cable, stand, manual, table leg.


  1. Secure support to stand with screws.
  2. Fix support to tabletop with screws.
  3. Attach table leg to stand with screws.
  4. Mount controller to tabletop with screws.
  5. Connect all components.

Ensure all screws are tight for stability before use.

Correct adjustment of the E-Table One

  1. Adjustable height range: 620 to 1270 mm.
  2. K1 - K4 buttons: Program to desired heights.
  3. To save a height setting: Press and hold the chosen button for 5 seconds until you hear a sound; the height is then stored.
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