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The term "ergonomics," which is popular today, is misunderstood by many. According to an independent sociological survey, more than 40% of respondents believe that ergonomics is a term that defines the acceptable appearance of a device. But is it really so? Let's find out together with Kulik System experts. We have prepared an informative article for you that will help you understand what ergonomics is all about and why ergonomic furniture is primarily about taking care of your health.


In what professions is ergonomics vital?

In what profession does a worker spend a long time sitting, is unable to provide comfortable back support, and must constantly concentrate on the environment? The correct answer is a driver. Unfortunately, the ergonomics of the driver's seat often does not provide for comfort or the simple maintenance of physiological balance. When driving for a long time and uncomfortably, the driver is distracted by discomfort in the body and may lose control of the situation. This, in turn, can lead to loss of control and an accident. Kulik System anticipated this condition and developed a driver's seat pad. The orthopedic pad embodies the main goal of ergonomics - maintaining physiological balance. In the process, the driver maintains the correct posture. Due to the specific support, the pad relieves tension in the thoracic and lumbar spine. This maintains normal blood flow to the brain, and the driver maintains maximum concentration for longer. Learn more about the device's capabilities from a consultant and order your favorite model in your favorite color.


Goals and objectives of ergonomics

Ergonomics is a separate multidisciplinary scientific field. Orthopedists, medical engineers, specialists in rehabilitation medicine and prosthetics, and other specialized experts study the pattern of human behavior in certain conditions (behind the wheel, at a study table, in a computer chair), and then monitor the body's physiological parameters. Having studied how blood flow in large vessels changes, uncomfortable symptoms appear (such as tinnitus or aching muscles), and most importantly, at what point there is a decrease in performance, the developers conclude that the chosen environment is comfortable and physiologically acceptable.

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Did you know?

Did you know that you can work comfortably at a computer not only while sitting but also while standing? That's right - there are a number of reputable studies that confirm the benefits of standing work at the computer (if you have no contraindications to this type of work). The Kulik System is always in trend: we have developed a separate line of desks for you to work at the computer. The ergonomics of the table includes the option of dynamic adjustment of the height and tilt position of the working surface.

If you need to frequently lift or move around the building, you don't have to repeat the "get up and sit down" cycle endlessly. Just adjust the height of the worktop to the desired height and work in comfort! Kulik System experts have thought through all the details to the smallest detail to make your computer work as comfortable and productive as possible.


The basis of a patented technology that has no analogues in any similar niche

  • 15 positions for adjusting the height and angle of the headrest will maintain normal blood flow in the vertebral and carotid arteries of the neck, prevent muscle strain and headaches.
  • Unlimited adjustment of the height and stiffness of the backrest, adjustable depending on your height and weight. We request your parameters individually at the ordering stage.
  • Maintaining control of the 90° angle in the knee joints will maintain normal blood flow in the femoral and popliteal arteries, ensuring full blood flow from the veins of the lower extremities. This will eliminate the feeling of "heaviness" in the legs at the end of the day.
  • A balanced support system for relieving tension in the lumbar spine is a key aspect of computer ergonomics.
  • Adjusting the height of the armrests will prevent the development of the most common condition for office workers - tunnel syndrome. Maintain hand mobility with maximum comfort with Kulik System chairs.
  • Personalization of the seat depth and angle using the patented Slider technology will maintain normal blood flow in the pelvic veins, preventing stagnation.
  • Control of the position of the tailbone and pelvis prevents pinching of the sciatic nerve, the appearance of "shooting" pains in the buttocks and leg after prolonged sitting.


Filling material plays a huge role in creating a comfortable and ergonomic space. In Kulik System armchairs, it is polymeric porous rubber. This modern, durable and hypoallergenic material has "shape memory", which is a key point in maintaining the physiological balance of the musculoskeletal system. Also, the cellular structure of the elastomer does not interfere with air circulation in the chair, which in turn maintains normal temperature conditions and prevents diaper rash.

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