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What does the price of Kulik System ergonomic furniture consist of?

The age of technology is the age of the sedentary lifestyle. Every day you spend at least 5 hours sitting at a computer and at the end of the day you feel back pain, neck stiffness, heaviness in your legs, and a special "bonus" migraine. It's easy to get rid of discomfort and significantly increase your productivity - just choose the right furniture for your workplace.

According to the survey:

  • 60% of respondents value ergonomics and comfort in furniture;
  • 30% primarily pay attention to the design (most often answered by managers);
  • 10% prioritize the cost of furniture.

Having studied the market, Kulik System specialists took into account the wishes of users, created and patented their own ergonomic system. Our products have the perfect combination of engineering, biomechanics and stylish design solutions. These factors form the total cost of the products, which is justified by the high quality and unique properties of the products.


What is the uniqueness of Kulik System technologies

The patented Kulik System is unique in the world. This perfect combination of modern materials, ergonomics and style is designed not only to decorate the interior, but also to improve your health.

Kulik System armchairs provide physiological support for each part of the musculoskeletal system, normalize the functioning of internal organs and the circulatory system:

  • 15 positions for adjusting the headrest height and unlimited tilt amplitude to relieve tension in the cervical spine and maintain blood flow in the carotid arteries;
  • Freedom of adjustment of the chair height and tilt angle (6 basic positions), as well as the rigidity of the swing from 90° to 150° to maintain the back muscles in a state of relaxation and comfortable work;
  • Adjustment of seat depth using the patented Slider technology, which offers up to 5 seating options;
  • Adjustment of the seat height and tilt level to support 90° leg bending at the knee joints. This helps to normalize blood circulation in the femoral and popliteal arteries, as well as in the veins;
  • Individual adjustment of the armrest height to relieve muscle tension and prevent tunnel syndrome;
  • Linear spinal support system to help with the spine;
  • The hypoallergenic filler is able to "remember" the shape. The porous elastomer is dense enough to fit comfortably in the chair and ensures optimal air circulation inside the seat. This helps to avoid overheating and maintain a comfortable body temperature.

All these components allow you to:

  • Improve your performance by more than 50%;
  • Improve your overall health and emotional state;
  • Increase mental and physical activity;
  • Form a correct and beautiful posture;
  • Prevent most spinal diseases;
  • Relieve pain in the body after prolonged sitting;
  • Optimize the workflow;
  • Fully restore strength and provide healthy comfort.

You will agree that this number of benefits fully justifies and even exceeds the cost of our models.


Turnkey design

Each Kulik System model offers great opportunities for creating an individual design. Our specialists have worked on a variety of upholstery materials and color combinations, giving us dozens of bold and aesthetic options for the design of armchairs. When choosing a model, you have access to both standard options and further solutions:

  • More than 50 variations of upholstery made of high-quality eco-leather;
  • More than 40 variants of wear-resistant and tactile fabric coverings;
  • Inlay with Swarovski crystals;
  • Application of designer seams;
  • Embroidery of corporate symbols on the chair.

Don't know which design option you prefer or will fit perfectly into your interior? Create it yourself using the designer on the website! Work out the available combinations of fabric and leather upholstery, consider options for placing a corporate logo and just indulge yourself with our stylish office chair models for every taste!

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