Proper organization of workspaces is as important in any institution as air. Whether the activities are commercial or public, but they need to be saturated with the right micronutrients. These are principles of ergonomics that make employees more efficient and effective.

Wish to:

  • Create the right first impression in partners eyes?
  • Highlight your individuality and inspire trust in the eyes of contractors?
  • Increase company loyalty of employees and applicants?

Then you need to start trusting professionals in the arrangement of your office space from the very beginning. Only by joint efforts of interior designers, ergonomics specialists and representatives of your company you can create a truly exclusive design project that will soon be implemented.

Do not waste a minute of time and order a design project now.

3D office layout

When preparing a 3D model, we take into account the requirements how modern office should be organized in the working space, as well as global trends in interior design and modern technologies of furniture production.

The basic laws of building an ergonomic workplace for employees and the business philosophy also are taken into account. We equip:

  • front desk;
  • executive offices;
  • reception desks;
  • workstations of the personnel;
  • lounge zones;
  • food intake areas;
  • conference and negotiation zones.

3D model of the co-working center

When designing a co-working center we consider on active sphere of each employee, because a properly equipped workplace and resting place is capable to:

  • inspire and increase labor productivity;
  • motivate and set up for success;
  • attract more and more customers to the service provided.

3D model of educational institutions

Any innovation and development requires editing from the very beginning. It is time to perceive as an axiom the fact that a promising younger generation requires new methods of teaching. And it will be impossible, if we leave the old demotivatiors, which require a quick replacement. That's why we need immediate upgrading the premises where the learning process progresses. We offer new perspectives of:

  • classrooms zoning;
  • acquisition of modern adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs;
  • placement of ergonomic filing cabinets;
  • bright interior accents as the must have.

Forward to new technologies and knowledge!


3D model of beauty salon

In beauty salons, as in any other field service, it is important to follow the rules of ergonomics. After all, master conducts procedures quickly and efficiently in a convenient office.

Well thought-out interior design and skill of specialists give moral and aesthetic bliss. Introduce innovations into the space! Here are the main areas of the salons for ergonomic equipment:

  • waiting zone;
  • massage parlour;
  • hairdressing salon;
  • manicure room;
  • area for cosmetic procedures;
  • spa rooms.

Each item has its own ecosystem. Having arranged all correctly, you will be quiet and relaxed, as clients on a massage table!


3D model of stores

Store arrangement of any format requires skillful design. It doesn’t matter what lays on the shelves — products, clothes, shoes, accessories, the task of ergonomically departments arranging should be completely closed — appropriate furnishings, a wide distance between the racks, comfortable dressing areas, easily visible cash zones.

If implemented correctly, successful results are obtained:

  • the client focuses on the desired items quickly;
  • related products are purchased in adjacent departments;
  • the behavioral sales factor works well;
  • convenience indirectly increases the flow of visitors;
  • average check amount is growing.