Osteochondrosis is a "personal" disease of the office

   In 1900 the world had less than 300 thousand office workers, and the “office” word meant only a desk and chair those days. Industry and trade development, colonies administration demanded hundreds of thousands of office workers, and by the middle of the twentieth century the world had a fully formed “office culture”. At that time lots of cheap armchairs had been produced, which became a mandatory office attribute. Prior to that only 5% of the population could afford an armchair!

Modern large company office has dozens, hundreds of managers who spend 8-10 hours a day at a desk in front of the computer, promoting brands, looking for customers and partners, raising company profits, moving up the career ladder and... In the worst possible moment (as considered by the upper management) they are forced to take a medical leave, deteriorating the overall cost-effectiveness of the office. At the doctor’s place they have a stereotypical dialog:
- What complaints do you have?
- Back pain, doctor...
- When did it start?
- A couple of years ago, but I disregarded it. And now I don't have strength to endure it anymore...

Yes, unfortunately, degenerative disc disease is one of the most insidious diseases which develops almost imperceptibly. That is why the following threatening figures are in place: 70% of the population suffer from diseases of the joints, 80% are diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.

First of all degenerative disc disease develops due to lack of physical activity — a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting. Sitting pose is by itself a shock to the spine and the entire body, and as we know — the person sitting in front of the computer has become the main distinguishing feature of modern days.

In order to help the situation and reduce occupational risks, ergonomics and co-working were created, voluminous works on work and workplace optimization were written, but the problem cannot be solved as long as we mind learning how to sit correctly and take care about the spine and joints.

Learning to sit correctly is possible only with the “right” type of armchair which design allows properly distributing functional loads on muscles and release tension from all regions of the spine. This task can be solved only by KULIK SYSTEM armchair, featuring patented ergonomic system as well as professional testimonials of the specialized physicians.
The head office manager, who understands the value of each employee and wants to guarantee productivity and profitability, should provide the employees with these seats exclusively.

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